RFID-based “gate-to-gate” cash management event digital ticketing and event management system

Magic Money™ Cash Management Ticketing Systems Explained

Over 10 Million Transactions to date!

Magic Money digital ticketing events are the solution
for your business

We want to help you evolve the live experience for your guests, giving them reason to come back year after year.




Music Festivals

Music Festivals

Learn more about how to use Magic Money
at your next music festival event.

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How our RFID technology makes you money.


Magic Money™ accommodates fairs, festivals, amusement and water parks, and music festivals by enhancing guest satisfaction and evolving the live experience. Our RFID technology is proven to increase revenue, lower event costs, and reduce occurrences of fraud, ride hazards, and other potential risks.

With Magic Money, you will have peace of mind knowing that guests are safe, happy, and will return to your event again.

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