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Magic Money Helps Carnivals of all Sizes Transition to Cashless Midways

Timothy Herrick of explores how Magic Money has helped to revolutionize carnivals with their digital system.

With an easy to set up and low upfront costs, their model is enabling all carnivals to take advantage of digital ticketing.  Over the summer of 2019, three new shows joined Talley Amusements and Crabtree Amusements in offering Magic Money on their Midways including Davis Amusements Cascadia, Paradise Amusements, and Midway West.

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The science behind Magic Money RFID technology is attributed to the successful outcomes for event owners and their businesses. Browse through our white paper library to expand your knowledge of the software and learn why digital ticketing works.

White Paper

5 Reasons Events Are Going Cashless

Five Reasons Why Events are Going Cashless, Five Misconceptions, and How Magic Money is Disproving Them by Facilitating a Seamless Shift to Digital Ticketing

“Digital events are proven to generate 15-30% more revenue”