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Event Solutions

Magic Money Event technology is designed to provide a “gate-to-gate” single source solution for your event

Our comprehensive system facilitates your guest’s experience from event parking and entrance to purchasing food, playing games, and choosing rides.

Magic Money™ Cash Management Ticketing Systems Explained

Digital ticketing transactions benefit you: the event owner. Magic Money digital ticketing software can increase your profits by 15-30%, lower your spending costs, and reduce the chance of fraud, ride malfunctions, and other dangers.

Magic Money Clover and Agent Apps

These apps work together for premium event management. The Clover App fully integrates into your Clover Register, the Clover Mini, and Clover Mobile and accepts all forms of payment including Magic Money points and Apple Pay. The Agent App collects payment for parking, admission, and amenities. It also includes advanced access control technology and uses a state-of-the-art ruggedized scanner.

Magic Money User App

Available for iOS and Android, the User App makes it easy for guests to instantly check balances, reload their Magic Money, see deals, earn rewards, and review account history.

Magic Money Customer Portal

Guests can access the portal online or through the User App. This feature enables pre-sales and Magic Money reloads, wristband activation, and setup of an optional user profile.

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Magic Money

A network of customized apps that work in tandem with barcode scanners and wristbands to streamline your agents’ tasks, enhance your guests’ experience and provide you with invaluable business insights.


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